Sunday, July 15, 2018

Moving Forward

Today, I’m becoming the future version of me.
When it comes to you, what I get is what I see.
Stuck in your ways, you act so selfishly.
I put too much trust in who you can be.
Invested emotions, patience and energy.
You created an illusion that enveloped me.
You knew what to say. 
To get me to stay.

I gave and you received.
I believed and you deceived.
My heart’s battery is running low.
Where’s my John Doe?
I want to find someone great.
Why is he so late?
Love is a battlefield and I chose to fight.
You said many things to sound right.
Yet, it felt so wrong.
You thought you can string me along.
I’ll move on, as I always do.
Because I’m just not that into you.