Sunday, August 26, 2018

A Messy Thing Called Love

Love, an emotional drain.
Often ends with my heart in pain.
Don’t know if the pain’s worth the gain.
Time after time my heart’s been slain.
Getting me hooked, dropping me so fast.
People keep saying the past’s the past.
But my heart always needs recuperating.
Dating’s hard, there ain’t no debating.
Tired of my emotions being discarded.
No wonder my heart’s safeguarded!

Not looking for perfection. 
Just wanting affection.
Thought I found it in you.
Mistakene’d you for one of the few.
Made me think you’re one of a kind.
The signs were there but I was blind.
Now I know better but the damage is done.
Sometimes all I want to do is run run run.
Not the ‘flight’ type but tired of fighting.
Need my dose of cathartic writing.